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DriverSports Cappucino Cup | Friday July 6 | Grand Valley East

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Re: DriverSports Cappucino Cup | Friday July 6 | Grand Valley East

Post  Juan-de-Juarez on Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:36 pm

Hey guys.

The Races were a lot of fun. Beat out saint on both of them BUT we are more than matched on skill level.

The second race was full of action with a three car battle going for most of it...WD when we went two wide up the hill the first time i caught your car and it hooked me around but some how i was able to scoop it back up and get back in it. I honestly don't
know how i saved it. Then the second time we went through there i had to
go way wide and ride the grass down the hill. I'll be backing off a bit through turns like that from now on. Some of the best racing i've had guys. Very Happy

Also, i was worried about the damage and the comfort softs but it only added to the excitement. Great job guys.

2 race format definitely kept us from getting lapped BUT it was fun. I

You had +28 toe? Geesh, i brought the rear up to +.5 and it felt like the rears were dragging really bad. the set up rooster helped me flesh out was good. the second race i felt more confident leaning on the car.


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